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The act of standing on a stack of bibles during coitus in the standing position because one of the participants is too short.
“I was gonna fuck this midget in a church, but there weren't enough bibles for a Tower of Babel.”
by bananafish3 July 10, 2010
When you lay three or more women of different ethnicities that all speak different languages than you on top of each other and perform coitus with each woman starting from bottom to top.
"Dude, I crushed box last night in a tower of babel with an asian girl, french girl, german girl AND mexican girl"
by cloreacerobinson88 March 11, 2014
When you have sex with a person that does not speak the same language
Mid Coitus

Woman: Kimochi! Kimochi!!!!
Man: What the hell are you sayin' lady, it's like the Tower of Babel.
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