Top Definition
Best Ret/Prot Paladin US.

A Fucking Boss.

Considered a "legend" worldwide.

Sometimes comparable with the best Ret Paladin EU.

Warlock: I hope we're against an easy comp.

Priest: Oh shit! We're against Towelliee!
Warlock: We may aswell leave.
by Not Stano May 14, 2011
Best Prot paladin US and all around Legend.

Some say Towelliee's favorite song is 'Baby by Justin Bieber' but no-one will say it to his face because that cunt will rip your fucking legs off for breathing out of tone.

Towelliee should always be approached with caution and if startled should be ran from before he has the chance to fuck you up.
A wild Towelliee can be tamed using only the rarest and strongest of beers from around the globe.
If seen do not attempt to befriend.
Guy 1: Holy fuck, that dude is huge! Is he eating that Bear?

Guy 2: I think he is...
Guy 1: Wait, is that Towelliee?
Guy 2: Oh fuck! It's Towelliee!
Guy 1: Got any of that Queen's Ale left?
Guy 2: Nope.
Guy 1: oh fuck, RUN!
by Lardimus Prime May 25, 2015
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