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This interesting last name applies to people who are extremely wesome and good at tuba. They are quite the charmers and wicked smaht. Most Tourtellots reside in Pepperell, Massachusetts although there are various Tourtellots throughout the world. Tourtellots enjoy music and friends and are known for their witty sense of humor, their individualistic beliefs and actions, and their widely accepting mindset.
Kid 1: Dude, that kid's wicked good at tuba!
Kid 2: Maybe he's a Tourtellot.

Fred Phelps: I'm mad cool and gay people suck. God doesn't approve of--
Tourtellot: *beats up*
Tourtellot: Sorry.

Robot 1: NM iz such a grate skool, i luv how every1 iz lik teh same we're so c00l!!1
Robot 2: I kno me too omg i hav dat shurt!
Tourtellot: Stop being robots! Be yourself.

by Haha guess. January 18, 2009
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