Saying that you'll "touch base" with someone is really just a fancy or more professional-sounding way of saying: "I'll make sure to bother you about this later."

It's a term that generally only white people use or that you only use when speaking to white people or that you only use when trying to sound white. Either way, if anyone is "touching base" with anyone else, white people have to be involved somehow.
Laura: "OK, now that we have an initial plan for Friday, I'll touch base with you tomorrow to make sure no issues have come up between now and then."

Tom: "Laura, we're just going to be hanging out at the mall. Stop being so freaking white about it!"
by A Pair of Onions February 11, 2011
To masturbate or to touch one's genitals in an inappropriate but pleasurable manner
Mummy can I touch base with you now.
by gmax May 29, 2005

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