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Most appropriately a business expression originating approximately 40-years-ago derived from the sport of baseball. During that time it was a novel and well accepted slang for the purpose of getting-in-touch with someone over any form of matter. By 1990, it became so over used to the point of becoming a corny expression eventually leading to the use mostly by an asshat as described. Today, such an expression is regarded practically as an insult for this very reason and is taken as a form of senseless needling, often meant to offend one's intelligence.

The only businesses who have become notorious for the term are financial institutions where, in fact, new employees are actually taught to use it in the form of customer psychology as it belittles the status of the borrower in relation to the lender, e.g., reminding the customer who the lender is and that they are in debt.
"Hi, John, this is Lois at Bullshit Finance! Just wanted to touch base and see how you are?"
by Ipana May 01, 2009
This word has often been used to describe individuals who use enormous graphic signatures on forums/message boards that allow them. The problem is, they become tedious to readers who have to scroll the mouse wheel twice just to get to the next post. Therefore, they overshadow practically everything the poster has written, which in most cases, is nothing more than 15 words followed by a repetitive 300x300 image, as such, with each comment.

Such practice results in a paradox where the poster may think their craft work is impressive, but usually readers interpret it as a symbol of inferiority with a gross alter ego of being everything the writer is not.
I couldn’t make sense of the topic for all the signoramus interruptions.
by Ipana August 29, 2008

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