Im from Tottenville and people like CityKid are just lost, wiggers like him do not represent a majority.
Tottenville is as suburban as it gets..
by 440 February 04, 2005
Top Definition
The southernmost neighborhood or district of New York City's borough of Staten Island, distinctive for its geographical isolation, low crime rate, and lack of racial and ethnic diversity.
The Conference House, once the site of abortive peace negotiations during the American Revolution, is the principal landmark of Staten Island's Tottenville section.
by Anthony Brancato April 19, 2003
I good school in Staten Island. 99% white. Fuck niggers
-I go to tottenville
-You are so white
by AYO November 24, 2003
The southernmost point in Staten Island, New York City, and New York State. Is the illest town in N.Y.C.
Tottenville is the south point of S.I., muthafuckas represent I'll die on SI
by City Kid January 31, 2005
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