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A form of government that controls every aspect of people's lives, tells the people what to think, & brutally punishes anyone who's a flaw in the system or disagrees with the government.
Examples of totalitarian countries are Nazi Germany, Stalin's Russia, North Korea, Maoist China, Saddam's Iraq, & Ayatollah's Iran.

Someone who thinks the government should control every aspect of the people's lives. Someone who thinks every problem in the country should be taken care of by the government.

A parent that watches their kid like a hawk 24/7, tells them what to think, punishes their kids if they don't agree with them, looks at every message their kid sends or receives, & doesn't let their kid do anything alone.

A boyfriend that reads every message his girlfriend sends or receives, constantly watches his girlfriend, thinks he owns her, hurts her when she talks to another guy, & decides who she can & cant be friends with.

Totalitarians are scum.
I hope that totalitarian regime is brought down.

My parents are totalitarians.

Girls if your boyfriend is a totalitarian then dump him & slap him.
by SlashinatorZ June 15, 2012
A sorry as person that thinks humans are robots.
God is a toalitarian, he controls every aspect of your life or you get purged.
by left wing king December 31, 2003