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A tosten is a unit of measurement in length, weight, time, and alcoholic consumption (beer standard).
Length-6 feet
Time 30 minutes
Or 3 beers
He weighed 1.3 tostens and was about 1 tosten tall and could run a .5 tosten mile and a half after consuming a tostens worth of Amstel Light.

Can YOU bench 2 tostens?
by p3orion December 26, 2013
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Tosten is the ultimate teacher, he will teach you the wonders of excel and the SIFO budget.
Travis: Mom was trying to teach me excel the other day.
Peter: Man, your mom is so Tosten.
by Erkik December 20, 2004
Little bitch
When you are a Tosten u are a major pussy. You have a broner for guys who are older than you
by BigbossRostaMan45 May 15, 2015

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