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Tossing a Pepper is a term to describe when someone does something negatively extreme and/or dramatic to another person. The action involved must be out of an ordinary series of events, and usually the people who witness it are shocked.

This term can be expanded in three ways:

1. Tossing a Heavy Pepper: meaning that the action taken was intensely negatively dramatic or extreme.

2. You can add specific types of peppers to the phrase (usually for comedic/dramatic effect):
- Tossing a Bell Pepper
- Tossing a Hot Pepper
- Tossing a Green Pepper (sometimes used as phrase to depict smoking marijuana - "Hey man are we gunna toss some green peppers later?")

3. Tossing a Pepper Sexual
Guy 1: "Hey man, so your dad kicked your ass for staying out late last night, eh?"
Guy 2: "Ya man, he tossed me a pepper!"

Girl 1: "Hey that bitch over there just called you a whore!!"
Girl 2: "What? watch me go toss that slut a heavy pepper!!!"

Boyfriend (infront of friends): "How could you cheat on me?"
Girlfriend: "First of all your a pussy, second you suck in bed, third your insecure and not even a man!"
Friend bystander to other friend: "Holy shit shes tossing a Pepper!"
by testonroad November 28, 2012
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