having pretty eyes , even pretty nipples , but when you clothes are removed you look like a pickle. ( in the words of a Baton Rouge rapper Nussie )

a very very badly shaped person who is very round at the top and had the butt of the bottom of a bell pepper
Khia: dang we in a room full of bell peppers.
Olivia : the world , is a bell pepper?
Khia : *points finger* that chick there there there and even that man.
by Maria Anna Bell July 14, 2011
Pretty eyes, Even pretty nipples, but when your clothes are removed you look like a pickle.
Shaped like a ....Bell Pepper.
Sherri Shepard. Big ol' bell pepper.
by Trixie3 May 01, 2012
Shape of the head of your dick
She wants this bell pepper all night long
by ojigga July 06, 2011

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