Toshiya, the bassist and backing vocals for Dir En Grey.
Toshiya has perhaps the largest fanbase besides that of Kyou's.
Toshiya has on many occasions been spotted wearing a skirt.
Toshiya has a tank.
-I want Toshiya's tank!
-Kyou chased Toshiya because Toshiya called him cute.
-The Bassists for Dir En Grey is Toshiya.
by AngeloftheDefiant April 18, 2008
Top Definition
The extremely beautiful and talented bassist of japanese rock/visual kei band, Dir en grey. He is in(famous)for being a very good looking man, and an even better looking woman! He, like Ko-Mo, has very nice legs & looks good in miniskirt.
Toshiya plays some kickbutt bass.
by JellyMeh January 27, 2005
the bassist of the Japanese band Dir en grey
Toshiya is the coolest bassist in today's JRock!!
by Tosh April 15, 2004
Toshiya is a bassist in the japanese metal band Dir en Grey. He has composed a handful of songs for the band like the song Erode from the Missa LP and Bottom of the death valley from thier Kisou album. He is rather skilled at playing the base and besides Kyo he has a huge fan. possibly the best bassist i've heard next to Flea from red hot chili peppers.
Toshiya and Dir en grey played the song bottom of the death valley at the concert last night
by Sexymulattoboi July 10, 2008
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