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A Japanese rock group comprised of five members:

Kyo - vocal/lyric
Kaoru - guitar
Die - guitar
Shinya - drums
Toshiya - bass

Movers and shakers of the jrock and visual industries; they have a large (relatively speaking, anyway. the average american teen has probably never heard of them) fanbase in the USA. Their music is very diverse and, in my opinion, quite good.
I am a rabid jrock fangirl that loves a man in a miniskirt and full makeup. Hence, I am a big fan of the band Dir en grey.
by JellyMeh January 16, 2005
The extremely beautiful and talented bassist of japanese rock/visual kei band, Dir en grey. He is in(famous)for being a very good looking man, and an even better looking woman! He, like Ko-Mo, has very nice legs & looks good in miniskirt.
Toshiya plays some kickbutt bass.
by JellyMeh January 27, 2005
The sexy, super awesome crossdressing younger brother of Hae-Gi in the shoujo manga (girls japanese comic)Snow Drop. He has...really nice legs. ^^
Ha-Da thought Ko-Mo was a sexy chick and tried to get his number...he thought wrong!
by JellyMeh January 27, 2005
A style of Japanese music that really has nothing to do with music. Visual Kei (VK) bands are generally rock or indies bands that dress in different types of elaborate outfits. Many conservatives shy away from VK bands because the men often wear heavy makeup and costumes that make them look like women. Basically VK = crossdressing Japanese rockers.

Vk bands dress in a feminine manner but can have many styles. Malice Mizer had more of a romantic/gothic/1800's feel whereas Dir en grey had a more of a slutty, vinyl miniskirts and thigh-high bitch boots style. Kagrra does more traditional clothing like colorful kimonos and Psycho le Cemu is just plain messed up with schoolgirl uniforms and outfits that look like cheap halloween costumes.

VK rockers are generally NOT gay/bisexual. They dress like women to attract record deals, attention, and fans, however, after signing a major record deal and going "mainstream" they usually lose the visual look and become "normal".
Dir en grey used to be a visual kei band becuase they dressed like women with heavy makeup, crazy hair, and feminine clothing.
by JellyMeh January 16, 2005

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