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According to Wikipedia, the roots of the name go back to the Germanic God “Thor” and the Swedish word for stone (“sten”), so “Torsten” translates to something along the lines of “adamant like Thor”.

The actual exemplars of the type “Torsten” are mostly good natured, kind and very intelligent men with a sporadic fit of helplessness and indecisiveness, which is causally related to their disposition to overcomplicate uncomplicated things. Apart from that, “Torsten”s are usually sweet and should never be compared to any other type of men.
person 1: "Have you talked to XY lately?"
person 2: "Naww, XY is a great guy, but I'd rather be around Torsten."
by Ehsem February 14, 2010
verb to do something dumb knowingly.
Dumb #1: Look at that dude carrying a pot of boiling water.
Dumb #2: How about I stand on my knees behind him and you push him?
Dumb #1: Great idea!
Dumb #2 ends up with 3rd degree burns!
Dumb #1: You totally torstened!!!

by bigfatbernie October 28, 2007
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