A substantial and growing classical education program at Biola University.

(Biola is the alma mater of such evangelical luminaries as Charles E. Fuller, John F. MacArthur, and Josh McDowell.)

Torrey Honors is modeled after the great medieval universities like Oxford and Cambridge, and is one of several excellent classical education options in America, though it is one of the few within the Protestant tradition.

The program is interdisciplinary and interdenominational, with scholars and teachers that are Protesting-emerging, Protestant-Calvinist, Protestant-Wesleyan, Anglican, Eastern Orthodox.

Students from Torrey attend graduate schools at Oxford University, Notre Dame, the University of Chicago, the University of Dallas, Yale School of Divinity, and many other top 50 schools. Graduates are well prepared for any practical or academic career.
"Did you hear about George?"
"No, did he get into to Notre Dame?"
"Yeah, and he's living with two other Torrey graduates in town."
"Sweet, that guy is a good conversationalist... Humble too."
"I'm jealous. Not only did I get kicked out of Torrey Honors Institute 'cause I was an ass, but I got rejected from Notre Dame."
"Hey don't worry man, you got into UC Riverside. That's a really good school"
"Yeah, you're right. I should be happy for him."
by CircularReason March 11, 2010
Top Definition
A small, unknown honors program at a small, unknown college in California. The students in the program are hostile and self-proclaimed scholars in many areas of study. The program has been known to turn Protestants and Catholics into angry Eastern Orthodox scholars.

"One, two, three,--but where, my dear Timaeus, is the fourth"
~ Plato
The Torrey Honors Institute is in La Mirada.
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