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Is pronounced tor- (as in the "tor" in "toro") -eh (as in the "e" in "men"). As a noun, torré is synonymous with the words terrible and miserable. As a verb, torré denotes merciless punishment or verbal abuse. In both its grammatical forms, torré connotes total failure and explosive destructiveness, but, ironically, is dictated with a heightened sense of brio and excitement. Is frequently accompanied by a physical gesture: a tightly wrung right hand slamming into the open palm of a left hand for each time the word is said.
As a noun:
When Mike was asked how he performed on Ms. Villegas's chapter four test, he vigorously replied "Torré, torré, torré."

After receiving his second fail of the semester, Ellis vowed to never do so torré in life ever again.

As a verb:
When Jojo explained to Ms. Graber that she did not have the time to memorize her speech, Ms. Graber torréd her into a pulp.

Upon arriving at the front door to her house at 1:00 AM, much past her curfew, Mariam said "My parents are going to torré me for this!"
by Farhad J. September 22, 2008