Born on 12-02-1989, this girl is overall a 9/10 (-1 point because of her annoying antics and guy).
She's always pretty, but at times can be drop-dead gorgeous. She never realizes it though, which can get annoying. She's very modest which can also be very annoying.
She always needs answers now, hates to be ignored or avoided, and will bother you until she gets what she "needs".
She's a selfproclaimed "Grammar Nazi".
She's super flexible due to years of gymnastics and pole vaulting. This is always a good thing.
Music-wise, she likes everything from Mindless Self Indulgence to Norah Jones. She has a kick ass voice, too. She was once in a band but dropped out because the drummer wouldn't stop hitting on her.
She's great in the sack, she never gets tired or boring. She gave me the best BJ I've ever had but she's not a whore at all.
She's sexy as hell.
She loves the Jagermister.
She trusts too easy.
She loves to have fun.
She's got an asshole boyfriend who has treated her like shit in the past.
She's electric.
She misses her mom.

The Train song "Meet Virginia" explains her perfectly.
"Damn, if you EVER get a chance to be with Tori, even for an hour, take it!"
"Why, man?"
"Because Tori is one of the best girls you will ever meet, in every way."
"Will she watch sports with me?"
"She loves her Yankees, man. And you'll love the way she'll kick your ass in bed after she fights with you about it, too."
by 1mTH4Tguy October 14, 2009
Top Definition
someone of great nature, beauty, ediquette, and intellegent. often reffered to in the sense of a godlike being
"Dude, Prince William is so awesome. Almost as awesome as Tori... but not quite, because no one is that aweswome"
by Victoria Buhler November 06, 2005
tori (n): pretty much the most awesome person you will ever hope to meet. many people try to be as balla as tori but in many cases do not suceed. toris are pretty awesome and pretty much the greatest thing sience...EVER! many people hope to be tori but never are because shes a ballaholic!
woah look at tori, shes more ballin then that kid in detroit son.
by Joe Mama Face January 15, 2007
Tori is a word describing the most incredible and beautiful girl you will ever see, end of story. She's absolutely gorgeous, and truly amazing. She is known for making people melt on the inside when they see her. She's cute, and resembles a puppy. Often, people who love her kill themselves because they aren't 18 like she is.
"That Malcolm kid really loves that Tori girl... I can definately see why."
by malcolm miscellaneous May 04, 2008
Probably the easiest person to get along with

she won't put up with stupid shit
some say she has the best ass
everyone thinks she is beyond gorgeous but doesn't see it herself
pretty skinny, and very into sports

been hurt too many times by guys and doesn't need any more

loves to just chill with friends without pointless drama:)
Damn, look at Tori!
i know, dude. i'd soo tap that!
by Hotchick6867 July 25, 2011
Fuck buddy; sexual activities are their strong point.
Wow, man, I wish I could do Tori.
by I_love_your _mom April 15, 2008
A beautiful girl, funny, dorky, smart, athletic. With a mean side. She may have a temper or attitude, but can also be extremely nice. She always sticks up for her friends and never takes anyone's sh*t. She's also an athletic and active girl, watch out, she could kick your ass.
Damn, look at that Tori girl!
by randomgirl~ February 27, 2011
Tori is a word describing the most amazing girl in the universe, end of story. She is beautiful; she's truly amazing. She is infamous for making people melt on the inside whenever they look at her. She's cute; she resembles a puppy. Often people who love her kill themselves because they aren't 18 like she is.
"That Malcolm kid, he really loves that Tori girl, I can definately see why."
by malcolm miscellaneous May 03, 2008
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