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An awsome motor car released in the 60's by GHM. also known as Torrie, it was the first australian car to give the buyer a choice of 4, 6 or eight cylinders (a total of 8 engines).

The prefix of the model numbers are "L" eg. LH, LX, LJ, LC... etc...
This refers to the "light" nature of the car.
go to the next aussie muscle car show and check out the "torrie" scene
by MAGSSSS August 13, 2003
Australian-built version of the European Vauxhall Viva car of the 1960s and 1970s, with a wider range of engines. TORANA is an abbreviation of Tons Of Rust And No Acceleration, which applied to all four and six-cylinder models.

The V8 versions, especially the SLR of the 1970s, are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

Holden is considering resurrecting the name for a new model.
My Torana was blowing so much smoke, I couldn't see anything out of the rear-view mirror!
by Googles October 29, 2004
Tonnes Of Rust And No Acceleration
Look at that shit box TORANA, my mum's car could take that thing any day.
by Sinister Looking Sock November 02, 2006
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