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to-rah-fo-bi-uh –noun. An acute or chronic intellectual disorder characterized by extreme, persistent, and irrational fear of Torah, the activity of obeying Torah, or a situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid Torah sometimes accompanied by ad hominem attacks on those who love Torah.

Long Term Consequences of Torahphobia: Chronic. May be eternal and may prevent some from hearing, obeying, or entering the renewed covenant in Y'shua.

Short Term Consequenses of Torahphobia: An acute amnesia causing one to forget that scripture is the final authority.

Acute symptoms include cerebral cortex edema leading to a loss of basic fundamental logical reasoning and reading skills.

Chronic symptoms include eating pork and all other unclean foods, the blatant celebration of satanically inspired holy days including but not limited to x-mas, valentines day, sun-day spiritual exercises, etc.

To date there is only one known cure: A love inspired obedience to Torah through the redemptive work of Y'shua.

TpD (Torahphobia Disorder) can manifest with unexpected consequences such as an acute flareup which sometimes causes strange events such as facebook defriending and emotional and irrational outbursts of rage directed towards the witness/messenger.

If TpD causes too much stress, it may be rediagnosed as TpSD.
A person suffering from Torahphobia would say that Christians no longer need to adhere to the commandments after the New Testament.
by TsephanYah February 15, 2010
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