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Tora, japanese word wich means tiger.
Also taigaa, but that is engrish. So tora is oreiginal word.
Also means fang in finnish language.
by ÔkamiOtoko August 30, 2003
Tora is the rhythm guitarist of alice nine, also known as alice nine. Tora is only his stage name; his real name is (rumored) to be Amano Shinji. He is currently twenty-five years old and still going strong with alice nine.

He was also in the band Givuss with Shou, the current vocalist of alice nine.
Tora's performance was stunning!
by Meagan-sama February 15, 2007
hot,sexy,cute,sexy voice,smart,jerk,funniest person alive, born in april 16, actor and one of the Co-finders of YELLOW RICE STUDIOS, awesome basketball player.
Tora I'm in love with you,
Stop being a jerk.
by a friend 12 February 06, 2012
Usually the name of the funniest, smartest and prettiest girls. Basically a synonym for Goddess.
Yeah, she might be hot, but she's no Tora!
by RyanGosling33 November 26, 2014
Has sex with Jacob Sartorious and spooderman at the same time, he just likes it that way.
I want to do a tora kind of thing
by ch7ertblnqbw June 08, 2016
TORA stands for Trio of Real Awesomeness. It is used to describe a threesome of best friends.
Maxine, Jill, and Johnny are inseparable. They are such a TORA.
by toralove April 17, 2010
a greeting, "hello" means tora.
derived from "kia ora" (maori language)
TORA Dutti!!!!
by DROOKE August 23, 2003
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