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a tumblr holiday every tuesday, where people are asked to post topless ppictures of themselves.
girl: Craig, it's Topless Tuesday

Craig: no
by neramarola March 07, 2010
Created on Tumblr, where females are asked to post pictures of themselves without a shirt or bra. But some bitches can't comprehend the word "topless" and continue to post Facebook ass pictures.
Post your tits on topless Tuesday's.
by boob squad August 31, 2010
Possibly one of the best creations ever on Tumblr. Arousing boys since early 2011, girls on Tumblr are supposed to post a picture of themselves without a t-shirt (and sometimes a bra) every Tuesday.
Jack: Why's everyone putting naked photos up on Tumblr?
Dave: It's topless Tuesday!
by kezimorta May 25, 2011
Day of the week when topless bars offer super cheap lunch deals designed to entice mid-level managers to patronize the establishment.
Joe: Where’s Jim, well it’s Topless Tuesday and I’m starving.

Bob: He’s in a manager meeting; let’s leave without him before the boobs and food get cold.
by Big Daddy2231 December 17, 2009

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