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(verb) Meaning to hear hearing an unusual sound, to be baffeled. usually hearing it in the middle of sleeping.
Denver: Did you hear that noise!?

Emily:" What noise?"

Demi: "What did it sound like?"

Denver: "It sounded like TOPACO!"

Katelynn: "oh? hahahahhaha."
by EmilyDynomite April 04, 2010
(verb)(noun) topaco is a sound you hear at night, possibley when your sleeping. if you hear topaco dont be frightened, its probaley in your imagination.
Emily: what are you talking about?
Denver: That noise!
Demi: how did it go?
(demi on the verge of craping herself, thats how scared she was)
Denver: TOPACO!
Katelynn: HAHAHAHAH, thats funny.
(demi didnt crap herself in the end)
by demilicious April 26, 2010
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