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Name for a person who always has to have the top tell a story, and they have to top it with some barely believable nonsense that half the time doesn't even belong in the topic of conversation.
You: "Dude, the other night, I was bangin' this chick who was so fine for a second I thought it might have actually been {super-hot celebrity's name} !"

Top Story: "Yeah, well this one time a guy I know actually introduced me to {same super-hot celebrity or a hotter one}...we kicked at her mansion in L.A., did tons of blow, and I banged her and her sister for 6 hours straight before I shot a load on her face and she swapped it with her sister. I took pictures but I don't know where they are."

You: {shake head in disbelief and annoyance and walk away}
by introspectacle March 15, 2011
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