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Top spinner is derogatory to itself, if you say this word you are cappin' on yourself.
Haha look at that skinny kid, what a Top Spinner. (Damn im fat). Wow, that old guy is such a Top Spinner. (Wow, how stupid i am!).
by [CIA]Official September 04, 2003
One who spins the top and a strange, white liquid soon comes out of the "top"
Hey shit look at that top spinner, jizzing all over his mother's vagina (ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww)
by word son! August 18, 2003
Bitch, Ass, Cunt, Pussy, Fucker, Motherfucker, Cockslap, Dick knocker, Knob Slobber, all the derogatory words; Wrapped in 2 Convienient and Easy to use word(s).
Look at that old lady struggling to lift her grocery bag, What a top Spinner.

look at that faggot jock, what a top spinner
by [CIA]Justin[ePc] August 16, 2003

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