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A slut; like the top slice inside a packet of sliced bread. Everyone touches you, but no one wants you.
"Oh, Fenella, she's such a top slice"
"Did you hear about that chick at the party? What a top slice"
#slut #whore #bed #bread #prostitute #hussey #cock #pussy
by CarbonHobo July 07, 2013

To topslice is to take a collection of something and take some of said collection for oneself privately before other people are aware of the full volume of the initial collection.
1. I left my weed at Jay's house last week and the fucker topsliced the bag. There was at least two joints worth missing.

2. Christine chose to topslice the money that she found in the wallet before handing it over to the police.
#topslice #stealing #theft #sneaky #top #slice
by ohlawdmudkips November 29, 2007
The most unflawed of moves while freeskiing. Like the top slice of pizza leftovers that were all stacked on one plate to save room in the fridge. The cheese is uninterrupted.
That 1080 tail grab was top slice!
#topslice #best #undaunted #radical #perfect
by OuttaBounZ January 05, 2009
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