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Person at Jewish wedding who sits on chair and is lifted up so he can feel like the Top Jew
"Man when I got lifted up on that chair at my wedding I felt like the Top Jew."
by Smithers john January 31, 2009
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A term used to denote someone who exemplifies the characteristics and behaviors popular associated associated with Judaism. Some typical attributes of a Top Jew include but are not limited to: an immense nose, a well-maintained individual, one possessing vast amounts of knowledge relating to great deals, shortcuts while driving and other helpful advice, one who is very intellectual and smart, one who can be observed in services in his shul every Friday night, one who is very caring and compassionate towards his family and friends, one with a refined sense of humor.
Guy #1: See that guy over there with the glasses chowing down on that everything bagel?

Guy #2: yeah, looks like Top Jew! just look at his nose, it's six feet long!
by nyc123 May 18, 2013
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