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Top Flight- Being Of High Quality, Top Notch, Very Good, Fly, Dope, "Sick", Fresh, Exclusive Society, Known By Many But Only Few Are Acquainted With it
My Whole Click/Squad/Team Is Top Flight
by Slick Diggy February 07, 2009
(Adjective) used in the description of someone who believes they are better than everyone else in their career field. These people identify themselves through their careers due to the fact that they have failed at most other aspects in their life. They falsely identify their self worth through their career. These people can be easily identified by looking at the bumper stickers on the automobile they drive, t-shirts they wear, conversations they have, magazines and books they read. They have no life or enjoyment outside of their career.
I couldn't have missed the fact that Jane is a top flight nurse by the stethoscope hanging from her rear view mirror, personalized "RN" license plate, and the 5 nursing organization bumper stickers on her Honda Civic. So sad.
by Boodissy October 20, 2014
meaning a sequirty guard who thinks he is a real police officar. only carries a niga beater. word originates from the movie "friday".
omg this topflight thinks hes a real pig
by myke prez June 02, 2006
The nickname given to any security guard job. Coined in the movie "Friday After Next"
Guy 1: Let's go to the club tonight.

Guy 2: I can't, I have to go to top flight.

Guy 1: Bummer.
by The Prufessa July 15, 2011
weed high in THC content
top flight keep yo mind fly
by Wonka November 17, 2004
Aussie slang: top notch, very good. Moslty used to describe ones wife.
"I got me a top flight missus, she brings me beer whenever i want it!"
by Bigi July 13, 2005
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