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The largest concentration of jock wannabes and brain dead chauvinists in the Southern Hemisphere. Toowoomba Grammar (or TGS) is the only all boy's boarding and day school in Toowoomba. Most boys have secret dreams of becoming rugby players so they can rape stupid cheerleaders and Somalian women. If you or any member of your family and wider circle of friends attended this travesty of an educational facility, odds are you are cheating on your significant other with an Old Boy.
Girl 1: "Hey, Georgie, what school did your boyfriend go to?"
Girl 2: "Oh, he went to Toowoomba Grammar."
Girl 1: "Aha! So that explains why he's a pretend homophobe who is secretly having anal sex with *insert school's/university's/college's rugby captain's name here* and you're utterly miserable!"
Girl 2: "You're completely right, ugh! He's turned me off men, Im going to be a lesbian now."
by richbondie:) June 23, 2009

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