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When an individual is to dumb to know how to spell Touché
A gangster was writing his memoirs and wrote this

She said "its yo baby to so whys do I gots to be the only one takin cur of it?"

I said "tooshay,
by murmermer December 28, 2009
1. A lazy Internet slang way of saying "Touché".
<random1>: ur ugly
<random2>: ur face is ugly
<random1>: tooshay
by dagzor November 18, 2009
A stupid way of spelling TOUCHE. Most commonly used with people who call themselves "sexy" but really aren't.
Me: "Paul, you're not sexy."
Paul: "Ah, too-shay!"
by ~miss~heart~me~ January 31, 2011
The dumb one's way of spelling "touche."
Used commonly after someone makes a statement. Gets extremely annoying after a while. This word sticks horribly.
Me: This crayons red.
Paul: No, its green!
Me: No, its actually red.
Paul: Ah, too-shay!
by Boston Tea Party February 03, 2011
An exclamation of agreement, particularly over something exciting. Saying "too shay" is used in conjunction with the two finger hand throw (on one hand hold pointer and middle finger together while moving wrist forward and backwards to the syllables of the word)
"The Office is the best sitcom ever."

"Too shay." (simultaneously performing the two finger hand throw)
by Michele P January 05, 2009
your ASS.yes your ass, theres nothing wrong with it just another name for the body part that gets grabbed, sat on, shaken, smacked and anything else you can possible think of.
by luvinhimalwayzbitch November 26, 2008
right bk at ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if i was 2 say josh u smell
and u sed hannah u fanny muncher
like u insult me worse i wuld then say tooshay
by xXxhannahxXx August 31, 2006
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