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To be armed with a firearm of any kind.
Police Briefing: We suspect the building contains crack so they'll be tooled. Be careful.
by JBF April 10, 2005
10 9
The act of getting used. Unintentionally doing something that someone else gets credit for.
Igor just stole your idea and won the contest with it! Boy, you got tooled!
by T-Rav January 21, 2005
40 10
To get beaten badly in an online video game.
hehe you guys just got fucking tooled!
by 1337 Fork July 30, 2005
21 16
Very drunk and/or intoxicated.
We were out getting trashed and we all
got wasted but Johnny was especially tooled.
by Billy777 May 03, 2008
5 3
To be attacked with an object... eg; a crow-bar or any other object which would cause damage to another person.
'your man was bowlin down street commin like bad man so i racked a tool round his head'

'your man got tooled up town last night by sum next mans'
by DJ Davie Y August 21, 2006
6 8
an old slang term meaning that you have a big dick

vulgar slang for tool: a penis

i did not know this until my dad found out what my e-mail address was... i just love the band tool and made it up... but yeah... he was born in 1951 so... he knows old sayings
"he's tooled... never she's tooled"
by tooled July 30, 2006
4 11