a word to throw off a friend to make them think they don't know all the new cool words.
Lyn, you're a sucker for thinking tookah was an actual word. aha!
by Salisha July 27, 2008
Top Definition
A reference for weed by 300 gang. It's called tookah because he's a dead rival gang member.
On bro and dem I'm tryna smoke tookah then head out to the block and smoke ops!
by Scama January 26, 2016
When you smoke a lot of hookah and your buzz is too strong so you feel like you're falling and nauseous.
OMG, dude, tookah!
by longboard4 January 17, 2013
a secret code name for fat people, really fat people with big butts, so that they dont know you are talking about them
OMG, look at that tookah over there!
Yea, shes totally fat!
by llamas are cool April 24, 2009
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