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Noun 1. A Glutton.
2. A person who pushes the boundaries of unhealthy food choices.
3. A gluttonous lifestyle.

Adv. 1. A toogans approach to eating.

Adj. 1. Descriptive of an overindulgent food item or person.

Verb. 1. To overindulge in food.
For Noun:
"A Toogans Move": Ordering a double bacon cheeseburger and then requesting ranch dressing to dip it in. Dipping cheesecake in chocolate syrup. Dipping any already fried food in ranch dressing. Shaking the excess crumbs from a bag of chips into your mouth after consuming the entire bag. Turning the bag inside out and licking it.

For Adverb: "I'm about to go toogans on this meal!"

For Adjective: "That desert was a toogans delight." or "Look at that fatty toogans over there."

For Verb: "To toog or not to toog, that is the question."
by MurphyB July 10, 2008
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