When a living being has only one tooth in their mouth. When they mean to say tooth they actually say toof.
Cletus brushes his toof since he has one left.
by cardinal_fan October 20, 2004
how you say toof with no teeth
what you mean i dont got no toog
by spear March 08, 2003
1. The worst person ever.
2. Someone who fucks eighth graders.
Toof fucked another eighth grader yesterday.
by Davole October 11, 2006
a socially retarded, materialistic, stuck up, female whom everyone wants to see savagely murdered.
MANDI; people who believe in diesel jeans; people who value clothes and money above more important things; people who use big words to make others think they are intelligent.
by Nap. Dy. September 08, 2004
what u mean you ain't got no toof?
I knocked yo' toof da fuck out nigga!
by spear_ March 08, 2003

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