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This is a mental and social disorder where by an individual is deemed to be an unproductive member of society because s/he lacks the mental aptitude, social skills and general zest necessary to do so.

*extremely lazy
*complains excessively
*thinks s/he has a musical talent but is really tone deaf
*expects others to make meals for him
*expects HIS dishes to magically to wash themselves
*will attend school for a major that will not get him/her far in life (ex. such as drama), yet will complain how expensive and difficult school is
*too lazy to seek out employment but will complain how much debt s/he has acquired
*when s/he is given a job, s/he is content to work for free
*typically lives in filth, and has horrible personal hygiene
*leaves pubic hair ALL over the bathroom
*unable to urinate w/o covering the toilet seat with urine
*uses a complete roll of toilet paper every day
*usually dates fat psychotic bitches with emotional problems that he met online
*likes to complain how he's way too busy,yet he manages to spend 2 hours on the phone talking to his fat psychotic bitch of g/f
Example 1)When someone does something completely retarded.
Lily: Did you see what Alberto just did?
Kevin: No. What?
Lily: He was stirring his pasta with a butcher knife! What a fucking tool.
Kevin: Lily, that's not very nice, you know he suffers from Too Stupid To Live (TSTL)
Lily: Opps, my bad.
by Lily-Ghost-Buster December 05, 2006
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