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The most amazing person in the universe. A one of a kind girl. Always found having a great time. She is her own person. Very passionate, great kisser, better friend and just an all around awesome human being. A quiet pretty girl who seems shy and gullible but if messed with can totally kick your ass so bad you're gonna wish you never had one. A girl with an incredibly voracious appetite, yet she somehow maintains a nice figure.
Bob: You know Tonyia?

Henry: Ya

Bob: She's amazing.
by TinnyTiny February 03, 2010
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Tonyia is sweet, romantic funny, considerate, caring and supportive. She is a one of a kind, and is beyond perfect for that one LUCKY guy. She helps him with anything, and can always make him happy. She makes him believe in his self when no one else can. Sometimes she can be weird and oh so stubborn, but thats what makes her so special. Tonyia always knows how to make people smile. Just by looking at her, that one lucky guy will get the biggest smile on his face forever...I love you.
Man, I can't get tonyia out of my head, she's the only one for me.
by Maine man September 23, 2013
Spoiled,babied brat. Uses family members to get what she wants.

Lacks compassion for others. Very self centered.

Inability to see a relationship that has ended! Unable to move on, possessive to the point of psycho.
"Dad, why are you paying Tonyia's bills, she is in her 30's now?"

"I want you to go to the store with me,so what if we return 6 hours later,it's not like you had anything important to do!" said Tonyia

Tonyia:"I love him, I know he's living with someone else..but I love him and he is coming back to me!"
by Belinda Blewitt February 03, 2010

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