Tony Blair is George Bush's sidekick and he (tony blair) will do anything for their master (george Bush) for eaxample: store nucluar weapons or invade a country george Bush dislikes at the time (which is now Iran)
tony blair is to george bush like robin is to batman.
by Family Guy rocks February 18, 2005
Arse plug for political bullshit. A so-called British Prime Minister with his head up Dubya's arse. Can be removed, sat on, ignored or used in obscene criminal acts, but never objects.
Why is Tony Blair called "Ankles"? Because that's the only part of him you'll see hanging out of George W Bush's arse!
by Gremlin February 11, 2005
The longest serving Labour Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Has single handedly managed to destroy the Conservative Party by stealing all their ideas.
by Josiah Bartlet August 22, 2003
George Bush's puppet. Has won three general elections, despite being proven to be a liar. Has sent many young men to their deaths over an unjust war in Iraq, in order to ensure an oil supply for America and to finish the job that bush's dad failed. Married to the most heartless bitch in the world, who has a mouth strangely shaped like a letter box. Nicknamed by some as "Teflon Tony" due to the fact that nothing could stick to him, but that seems to be wearing off as his party proves itself to be more and more corrupt. In short he is a crunt
"Unconditional love is doing whatever another person wants, always being there for them and helping them when they're low - much like Tony Blair's love for George Bush"
by Franklino May 24, 2006
Advocate of the most far right interpreation of thatcherite ecomomic policy, coupled with being a champion of the most extreme left wing trostkyite social policy. Has literally driven England into the ground. Within two terms of office, Tony 'Marxist Gangster' Blair, has allowed the UK to be flooded by the garbage of the third worlds teaming shores.
Tony Blair - Englands number 1 Prickless Cunt.
Tony Blair - Englands number 1 Prickless Cunt.
by Laura Anderson June 22, 2005
Toss pot by Royal appointment. Loves to lick the boots of George Bush jr.
Tony Blair is a prime example of a toss pot
by David Taylor July 05, 2004
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