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One who cannot distingish whether his or hers singing sucks
Ruben Studdard
by Splintercell December 06, 2003
All bad pop stars, especially Britney Spears
"Oh my gosh, whats wrong with this crappy music, she must be tone deaf"
by Barbi June 06, 2006
A person who thinks he/she can hit the right notes and stay in tune when they really sound horrible and are not good at all. They are often unable to hear the difference between two notes or on pitch notes and flat notes.
People on American Idol that audition that think they can sing but you hear them singing on tv horribly yet they dont realize they are horrible. These people are tone-deaf
by kate_thesinger April 29, 2006
A person who is tone deaf lacks the ability to correctly hear relative differences between musical notes.
in the music lesson:

teacher: "ok bob, give me a SOL"
bob does something with the guitar...
teacher: "NOO!!!, that's not a SOL!!... are you tone deaf ?!!"
by TMP3 December 06, 2010
The lamest excuse for all bad singers.
1:"Just a small town girl, livin' in a loooneelyyyy wo-"
2:"Stop singing. Now. Please."
3:"Hey, that's not nice, I'm tone deaf! Don't make fun of my disability!"
4:"Bitch please."
by THEChillmasters December 22, 2010
person 1: hey can you give me a good example of people who are tone deaf?
person 2: sure just listen to the jonas brothers.
*2 days later*
person 2: so did you see the jonas brothers and how tone deaf they are?
person 1: what? i went deaf from the screaming girls are the jonas brothers concert so i cant hear you.
by In A Fort February 13, 2009
The inability to identify good/enjoyable sounds.
PunkRockShitFace: YYEEAA, this music kickass!!! *Starts to scream so close to a microphone, he can lick it*
normal: your fucking tonedeaf
by qwertyy37 October 10, 2005
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