a ringtone that one puts on their phone
i just got a new tone for my phone
--Of voice. Often to get someone's attention (see example; also see 'check')
Hey bro, check your tone. (Means don't fuckin' talk to me like that) :)
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
Replacement verb which can be used to replace any other verb in a sentence.
Alex- Hey Lou tone me that blunt!
Lou- Tone it up your fucking ass!
by alex December 29, 2004
(noun)annoying person, fool, muppet, jippo


(noun)hello, good day
-You can be a real tones at times.
-Tones! How's it going?
by Furious George March 28, 2004
1. Dialtone
The other day I called this guy's house, and after he hung up, I got his tone!
by Anonymous July 22, 2003
The name tagged onto anyone who shows a distinct lack of intelligence or generally has that downy look about them
Look at the bloke over there eating bricks, i bet he is a right fuck-witt, "Oi Tone, Tone, yeah you boy, stop eating bricks you fucking muppet!"
by Sons? August 22, 2006
Sound of voice. Very bad if it gets too loud or turns the wrong way
Ya best check ya tone, nicca!
by ddfd September 21, 2005

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