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short for Tony Mowbray the single most brilliant reincarnation of all things great of a middlesbrough manager. The envy of the inbred sparn of sunderland, newcastle and leeds fans.
a boro lad: we will win the league with TONE in charge.

a boro geeza: TONE is the reincarnation of al things great for the job without a doubt.

example 2:

a jealous geordie: Tony Mowbray is shit.

a intelligent person: just because TONE got all the souls from the geordies and mackems. UTFB
by Borolad345 June 06, 2012
Tone really that sensation that r e s o n a t e s through our ears and strikes our soul in such a way that it creates a numbing sensation to the central nervous system
Yeah, check out that tone!
by Bunny babby April 08, 2011
gat,gun,heat,9, fire arm, something you kill people with
put my tone to your head and blast out your brain bitch!
by Crunchy Black November 18, 2003
The worst thing that can happen to your asshole while you are having sex with your partner.... his nuts get inserted into your ass
my boyfriend wants to tone me
by Diva <3 February 01, 2011
something a lot of females want to do when they workout...hello, it's called building muscle
"I don't want muscle, I just want to tone"
by snack goddess June 29, 2004
a big ass gun/
first used by a rap group called clicked up
Nigga you dont want a damn thang.. i gotta tone in the back and now im strait.
by Gangsta Greasy April 02, 2005
--Of voice. Often to get someone's attention (see example; also see 'check')
Hey bro, check your tone. (Means don't fuckin' talk to me like that) :)
by Anonymous July 14, 2003