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A magic trick on how to hide as many things as possible via one's cunt.
Anh was busy doing the Tomomo, shoving/hiding offensive/helpful comments up her loose lovetunnel.
by crimmm July 23, 2009
A crappy mary sue artist who rapes cannon characters and majorly sucks ass.
"Some girl at that con spit at me. She was such a Tomomo"
by JDFHidojfoifjdlwjiJOIXSJDJDKsu April 26, 2009
A sweet cute way to say tomorrow. The wonderful day after today is tomomo. The opposite of yesterday is tomomo. People that are cute say tomomo. An easy sweet way to get out of things that need to be done on the next day tomomo.
I will wash the dog tomomo. I will do the dishes tomomo. I will give you sex tomomo.
by Baby Scheller April 17, 2009