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A derogatory term that generally means "fool" or anything to that effect.

The latter, along with its other definition (which refers to a kind of bird), is defined in, but, due to the fact that it seems to possess the characteristics of a slang word, I felt that it would be useful if it was actually defined as a slang word.

In fact, it may have actually been an old English slang word, as an English person who I know was familiar with the term to a certain extent.

Also, it was used in a song in J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" when Bilbo was trying to anger the giant spiders in the Mirkwood forest to lead them away so that he could rescue his companions.
Excerpt from Bilbo's song:

"Old fat spider spinning in a tree! Old fat spider can't see me!

...Old Tomnoddy, all big body, Old Tomnoddy can't spy me!"
by Lloyd B. October 21, 2009
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