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The theory that due to loose connections of various tv shows (character cameos, shared products), around 280 shows, both obscure and well-known, all exist with the same universe.

All these roads can be traced back to a fairly ordinary, yet somewhat dark, medical drama in the 80's called St. Elsewhere, where all of the show's events (including their nods and hints to other shows existing in the same universe, and so on and so forth) were the product of the imagination of Tommy Westphall, a child on the show with autism. This implies that every single show that can be traced through St. Elsewhere's references has been taking place inside of Tommy's imagination.

So if there are any plot or universe inconsistencies between the 280 shows, it can be chalked up to Tommy's autistic mind.
Notable shows in the Tommyverse: Star Trek, Law & Order, The Office, The X-Files, Cheers, Friends, M*A*S*H, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lost, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, All in the Family, Happy Days, Doctor Who, CSI, Full House, ALF, and over 200 others.
by Thanks4Fish September 28, 2011
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