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n. -an alcoholic beverage secretly mixed in the back rooms of fine restaurants for the exclusive purpose of revenge upon a wicked customer.

When a nasty customer orders a Bloody Mary- the waiter or waitress chews on a rotten tomatoe until it is soggy, spits out the contents into a bowl filled with minced parmesan cheese, olives, and bell peppers, mixes the contents of the bowl, and redeposit the final mixture into what appears to be a normal Bloody Mary.

This drink is then served to the customer who often, but not always, gags and vomits instantly, thereby assuming the role of the dinner-table idiot.
"Oh man, that asshole at table 5 just ordered a fourth round of Bloody Mary's!"

"Ask Kevin if he has any rotten tomatoes out in the trash bin..."

"Oh, of course!....this fucker's getting a Tomatoe Terry for lunch! Thanks Carlito!"
by Dr. Josephus February 11, 2009
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