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a Slut that has innocence, but is a liar. A Slut behind closed doors, who believes in her mind, that she's a good girl. She's a very freaky, sneaky girl; the kind you won't take home to Momma. The sluttiest of all her friends. If she likes you, she'll give you her mind, all of her BODY, and soul; and if she loves you, God knows whatever else you desire. Will fuck her friends husband in the blink of an eye and swear she didn't know it, or claim to not be your friend. Will fuck her husbands friends without thinking twice about it. A spoiled Slut who will spoil you. Does not like to wear pannies. Anything that looks like a DICK is art to her. Ghetto Fabulous.
Watch your man around this Bitch!
Has a problem with fucking her OwN Man!
If you're married, take your man and RUN FOR COVER!
Urgent Alert...Tomago on the loose, Hide your BOYFRIEND'S!
Love's to flirt with TAKEN MEN!
Someone fucked mine, so girls BEWARE... I'm Here!
by Victim 2000000000 February 02, 2010

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