New England Patriots quarterback; one of the most OVERRATED quarterbacks in the history of the National Football League. Anyone who says otherwise has an obvious lack of basic football knowledge. Tom Brady is simply an average QB in a genius, well-designed, fail-safe offensive system that supports his strengths and completely eliminates his weaknesses. An offense that makes him LOOK like a great QB if you only look at the stat sheet and the team's W-L column. A fairly smart and durable quarterback with an AVERAGE arm at best who has good presence in the pocket but lacks mobility.

Brady fans like to point to his stats and act as if he is the next Joe Montana. They claim that Tom Brady won three Super Bowls. They don't realize that football is a TEAM game with 52 other players on the roster. They ignore the obvious facts that during Brady's first Super Bowl run, he was helped tremendously by the "tuck rule" and Drew Bledsoe bailing him out and leading the team to victory when he was ineffective and injured against Pittsburgh. Apparently Tom Brady is "the most clutch QB in the league" because all of his final drive comebacks against weak teams who the Patriots should have blown out to begin with. Underrated players on other teams (such as Jake Delhomme of the Carolina Panthers) have more of these 4th quarter comebacks, but do you see any of them being compared to the game's greats?

Brady is a decent quarterback for a very solid football team. The successes of the team are overshadowed by the media's annoying love for the laid back, metrosexual, "pretty boy" Tom Brady. The only time he ever throws a complete pass more than 15 yards is when he has a wide open receiver downfield. Most of his passes are under 10 yards to tight ends, runningbacks, or receivers who always manage to get open and get some serious YAC (yards after catch) that help pad Brady's stats and make him appear to be a strong-armed playmaker, which in reality is not the case. Brady's offensive line is one of the greatest units in football and always provides him plenty of time to find the open receiver. Almost any patient quarterback who has the ability to read defenses could do just as well as Brady has done in this offensive system.

If Tom Brady were to be traded to another less-talented team, it would prove to everyone that he is only an average QB. Many knowledgeable football fans believe that if Brady were traded to a sorry ass team like the Houston Texans or Buffalo Bills, the team would not find success and Brady would put up numbers no better than David Carr or Kelly Holcomb. This cannot be proven, but is likely true. Tom Brady is a SYSTEM QB who can only excel in the Patriots' offense. He is not an impact player, and he is not a playmaker.

Other quarterbacks with traits and attributes similar to Tom Brady are players such as Matt Cassel, Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, Mark Rypien, Danny Wuerffel, Steve Bono, Jay Fiedler, Doug Johnson, Steve Beuerlein, Todd Bouman, Billy Volek, Rodney Peete, Rick Mirer, Clint Stoerner, and Scott Zolak. Any of these quarterbacks could have been just as successful as Brady if they would've been lucky enough to play in the Patriots' offense during their Super Bowl span. Other lesser-known quarterbacks in the league that are arguably better than Brady are players such as Trent Green, Jake Delhomme, Eli Manning, Mark Brunell, David Carr, and Marc Bulger. Then you have the league's top quarterbacks (Peyton Manning, McNabb, Hasselbeck, Palmer, Favre, Brees, etc). These players are much better than Tom Brady, although you wouldn't know it if you listened to most the "experts" and all the media's bullshit.

"Did you see that amazing screen pass by Tom Brady?"

"Yeah, Kevin Faulk caught it and ran 40 yards for a touchdown. Brady is so clutch!"

"Did you see Brady throw those four interceptions against the Kansas City Chiefs, who probably have the worst secondary in the league?"

"Yeah, I saw it. He is so overrated!"
by Just 2 Sweet July 21, 2006
Top Definition
A person that wins frequently but upon losing turns into a complete introverted crybaby.
After Tyler lost that race yesterday, he stormed off the track and didn't talk to anyone for the rest of the day. He was acting like a total Tom Brady.
by Stephen Vassen May 10, 2007
New England Patriots quarterback. Disliked by most men outside of New England not only because he usually spanks their respective teams but also because most of their girlfriends think of Tom Brady during intercourse.
"My girlfriend had three orgasms with me last night,thanks Tom Brady!"

"did you see the colts last night? They looked like a high school ladies football team!Thanks Tom Brady"
by Devon B February 10, 2008
(verb) the act of a man sitting to pee
I woke up in the middle of the night and had to pee, but I had to Tom Brady because I was too drunk to stand up.
by Curmudge_john February 07, 2015
The root cause of Tuberculosis.
I think I got Tom Brady from my last trip to Indonesia.
by whodatwhodere? December 12, 2007
pussy; wimp; weakling
-Did you here about Jim? He was crying because of a mosquito bite!
-Wow! What a Tom Brady!
by Lee-bay January 01, 2009
To unexpectedly screw up after a period of great performance. See choke.
Tom Brady pulled a Tom Brady at Super Bowl XLII.
by stop it loser September 23, 2009
The biggest choke artist of all time. Led his team to 18-0, but then he lost in Super Bowl XLII, in which the widely criticized Eli Manning led the Giants to victory, marking the second time in a row that a Manning ended the Patriots' season.

Brady is called the greatest quarterback ever, but Rex Grossman could lead a team to 18-0 if he knew what the defense was doing before plays. He also has a great offensive line, because
1) When he was placed on injured reserve (thank you Bernard Pollard), backup Matt Cassel, who had never started an NFL game in his life, won 11 games for the Patriots. Why? He had good protection.
2) The Giants sacked Brady five times in the Super Bowl, due to the Patriots choking and the Giants' having everyone outside of Boston backing them up. Without the protection he normally got, he couldn't do anything. Not even lead his team to a victory over the 13-6 New York Giants.

Brady is also a sore loser. He refuses to shake anyone's hand after a loss. Seen after blowing the AFC Championship against the Colts by throwing an interception running to the locker room, not making eye contact with anyone.

And he got his girlfriend pregnant and left her.
1. Oh man, I would have gotten an A in the class but I failed the last test of the term! I feel like such a Tom Brady!
2. Good friend Peyton Manning criticized Tom Brady for how he handled the news of Bridget's pregnancy. "He wouldn't even shake her hand. He just ran straight for the locker room and hit the showers. What a sore loser," Manning said, staring at his Super Bowl ring.
by Can't think of one January 10, 2009

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