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1. founded the Corrupt Crew in 2002
2. founded the 4A in 2003
3. co-hosted b0rked in 2003
4. founded the b0mbz0ne in 2005
Tom Bomb always starts crews to do random projects that help the soul.
by Tom Bomb December 31, 2005
5 23

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hot tomboy tombom tom bom tom bomb tom-bomb
- a person who is a bomb
- a person who is named tom and is a bomb
- explodes on contact
tombomb is GODLIKE

u really are a tombomb bitch
by tommy April 14, 2005
20 8
a girl who embodies both tomboy and bombshell traits.
Gwen Stefani is a tombomb!
by leliamai June 02, 2005
18 8
Literally translated as: Tomboy Bombshell

Refers to a female who likes to act like a boy, but who is gorgeous. The chick you want to hang with, and take home later.
Dude! Check out that hot, rippin' surfer chick, she is a Tom Bomb!!!!
by surferchik December 24, 2010
5 3
the immature act of waitin until somebody falls asleep then waking them up by pulling of the sickest belly flop on em whilst yelling, TOM-BOMB!!!, can also be known as the chad bomb after excess consumption of alcohol
''oi bro check this out.....TOM-BOMB!!!!''
by Tom-Bomb January 29, 2008
2 2