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The act of racing Micro Machines through a small peice of a pvc pipe into the asshole of a future ex-girlfriend.
Paul: Dude.. WTF did you do with my Micro-Machines?!?
Jason: Pam got'em.
Paul: Why'd you give that bitch my cars?
Paul: oh. werd.
Jason: yep. that bitch is going to be shitting cars all week.
by E. Honda October 22, 2006
Kinda like feltching.... but instead of hamsters.. you use micro-machines
The Tokyo Tunnel is PETA Approved!
by lemmyw1nkz October 22, 2006
Creating a tunnel, out of a paper towel roll, into the anus of a skanky ho, for the purpose of inserting hot-wheels.
Vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm. *FART*

by f4talb3rt October 22, 2006
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