A very interesting sexual position first mentioned on Conan O'Brien on 11/09/2010. It involves ingestion of large amounts of sand and laxatives, preferably while in Tokyo, and subsequently sandblasting another's face with your sandy goodness.
Wow, did you see Jenny's face?
Yeah, it used to be so wrinkled but Yoshi gave her the ol' Tokyo Sandblaster and now it's nice and fresh!
by Willy Mammoth November 09, 2010
Made famous by Conan O'Brien on his second show on TBS. It is from parts unkown with no clear definition.
I'm exhausted, I gave this girl a tokyo sandblaster all night.
by biggie315 November 09, 2010
Conan O' Brien's favorite sex position.
Have you ever tried the old Tokyo SandBlaster
by AJs2 November 09, 2010
Sexual position described by Conan O'Brien on his show.
Did you hit her with the old tokyo sandblaster?
by kwongbgitz November 09, 2010
A common checkers move where one moves their piece in between two of the opponents pieces (which are diagonal) avoiding the jump and sneaking past both.
Oh! He pulled the old tokyo sandblaster!
by qwahil December 21, 2010
An act of sex in which the two people have sex while watching Conan on TBS until orgasm. This is repeated every night that Conan is on.
Dude 1: Man, I Tokyo Sandblasted my girlfriend last night. It was awesome!
Dude 2:Awwwww Yeeeeeah!
Dude 1: Yeah, Conan made the most hilarious joke! Can't wait til' tonight.
Dude 2: The Tokyo Sandblaster is the best!
by Swimdan November 24, 2010
When a Japanese woman sits on the beach and accumulates sand in her vagina then expels it with one mighty queef.
Despite his desire to give oral sex on the beach that day, the sand caught in his eye from his lover's Tokyo Sandblaster left him completely flaccid.
by Spear Chuckin Mcgluckin November 19, 2010

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