The act of shrinking testicles in cold water then stroking the penis with an abrasive until ejaculation.
Carl was wary of the long term prospects for the relationship when his blind date offered to give him the old Tokyo Sandblaster.
by Bownz November 11, 2010
A sexual act where a Japanese women with extremely chapped lips, often a prostitute but not always, gives a man an extremely harsh blowjob. Can be broadened to apply to any Asian female in need of lip balm.
Man! Mai really gave me the Tokyo Sandblaster last night! Where's the Burt's Bees when you need it?
by FreakOutAdams November 09, 2010
A Japanese prostitute acquires a mouthful of sand and performs fellatio on her client. First coined on the second episode of Conan.
I visited Japan and I could sand wood with my dick after all the Tokyo sandblasters I received.
by squackmire November 09, 2010
Made famous by Conan O'Brien on his second show on TBS. It is from parts unkown with no clear definition.
I'm exhausted, I gave this girl a tokyo sandblaster all night.
by biggie315 November 09, 2010
Sexual position described by Conan O'Brien on his show.
Did you hit her with the old tokyo sandblaster?
by kwongbgitz November 09, 2010
When engaging in COITUS on a beach, at the point of climax, a man may ejaculate upon the face of his respective partner. Afterwards sprinkling sand on their face causing the semen to adhere to the sand.
Lauren sat on my face, I ate her bunghole and just as I was about to skeet, I got up and hovered my doinger over her forhead and let loose. Her face looked like a krispy kreme doughnut until I sprinkled sand on it and then she looked like sandpaper. Gotta love the look of a classy Tokyo Sandblaster!
by Lamp Shayd November 11, 2010
When banging out an old asian chick she queefs, effectivly blowing out all the dust and sand from her unused vadge.
Man I went to the tea house and totally was hooking up with the owners wife when she let out a tokyo sandblaster, shit was weak.
by GHOOOST November 10, 2010
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