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3 definitions by holyshiite

1) A Welsh whore who could do things with her one good arm that'd make you forget that thing on her neck.

2) A certain fork in the Missouri river named after the said whore.

3) A derogatory slang term used to describe a sexually overactive and altogether unattractive female.

This term was popularized by Chris Farley while portraying the fictional character Bartholomew Hunt in 1998's Almost Heroes.
That sick old town bike was a real Pittsburgh Nelly.
by holyshiite November 12, 2010
18 0
This highly painful physical ailment occurs when one's diarrhea is so putrid and acidic that it corrodes the asshole, oftentimes causing bleeding and a red ring around the said orifice.
His awkward position while sitting was caused by his chronic case of red rosy.
by holyshiite November 10, 2010
22 7
In this sexually explicit act, the guilty party takes excessive amounts of anti-constipation medicine prior to being anally penetrated which consequently induces the projection of liquid excrement all over the genital area of the sodomite when penetration occurs.
Can you believe that guy responsible for censoring allowed Conan O'Brien to talk about the Tokyo Sandblaster on TV tonight?
by holyshiite November 09, 2010
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