The Japanese way of having intercourse between a male and female with no penis involvement. Insemination is passed through an orgami straw.
He gave her the old Tokyo sandblaster.
by kingjostle November 09, 2010
Mentioned recently on 'Conan' by host Conan O'Brian when talking to the tbs Standards and Practices Guy.
It was a tradition that started in a small fishing area in Tokyo, Japan 1590. The tradition started when a fishermen Tokugawa Mochitomo came home from being out at sea for days. Having not washed himself for periods up to 6 days he would have a build up of cheese under his foreskin. Tokugawa use to once on shore wet his penis and dip it in the sand, masturbate. This with the sand had an exfoliating effect known in Tokyo as 'Sandblasting'.
One day Tokugawa was preparing to sandblast himself (sand applied) as he'd just returned from sea but then his wife Izanagi came running down to the water front happy to see him. They chatted and one thing lead to another and they were about to fornicate on the beach. They both enjoyed anal sex regularly and Tokugawa started to insert his penis into Izanagi. About three strokes in Tokugawa realised he still had sand on his penis but it was too late and Izanagi didn't seem to mind but then Izanagi farted. This blew all the sand from Tokugawa Penis. Mr Mochitomo to his surprise said' Only in Tokyo' and this is where the term 'Tokyo Sandblaster' came from.
Judy, I need a Tokyo Sandblaster to freshen up. I was at a music festival for the last 3 days and I've got some build up.
by T-Bagging Billy November 11, 2010
The tokyo sandblaster involves a sexual romanticism of feces. After acquiring diarrhea, a person releases their anal pressure onto their partner's face. Liquid feces are sprayed into the partner's face causing them to squint, giving the impression of Asian eyes.
I just gave your mom a tokyo sandblaster while you were at school, kiddo. Got shit all over my overalls...
by MoldyNipple November 09, 2010
Where one shoves graded grounded down stones (of various assortment) up their rectum, for a standard business day to build up chunks of fecal sediment, after which they have sexual butt intercourse with another
I've got crust down south, could use a tokyo sandblaster.

Oh Tokyo sand blast me baby

You are a sandblaster master!
by The sandblaster master November 09, 2010
The act of taking an Asian chick to a beach/sandy area of land, having sexual intercourse, and just as one is about to cum (or in this case, drop the "Little Boy" bomb) - pull out and cum on her face, throw sand on said cum, and scream "BANZAI"
Conan: "Hey, whatever happened between you and that Asian chick?"

Andy: "I gave her the ol' Tokyo Sandblaster"

*high fives"
by Total_Bliss November 09, 2010
The act of a guy dipping his dick in the sand and feeding it to an unsuspecting bitch. NASTY!
Tony: Yo bitch, I'm about to Tokyo Sand Blaster you!
by Applebee's23 December 07, 2010
When two sexual partners engage in a shit loving sexual act. Where one partner fires diarrhea into their partner's face causing them to squint and thus making them look asian.
Did you see Jessie when Buzz fired a tokyo sandblaster into her face? She looked asian!
by Jcmcgill November 09, 2010
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